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We are a global digital product development company that designs & builds software for the world's best businesses.

We love taking products from vision to reality.

We partner with businesses looking to harness the value of digital, helping them to discover, design, develop and scale exceptional digital experiences that deliver measurable and profitable results.

We are on a mission to become a trusted partner of businesses around the world. We’re proficient in helping partners to create their products from scratch to millions of users.

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Mobile App Development

We have been on the front line of mobile development for years and have seen it transform everything from personal behavior to industry trends. We build mobile apps for businesses that embody this change.

We work with:

  • — Series A+ Startups
  • — Businesses
  • — Digital Agencies

* series A+ startups get 20% discount.

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Backend Development

One of our main areas is the development of a backend for highly loaded systems. Each project is created with close integration with the customer side to achieve the desired results.

We work with:

  • — Series A+ Startups
  • — Businesses
  • — Digital Agencies

* series A+ startups get 20% discount.


Web Development

Particular attention in our company is paid to web development. We are engaged in the development of various web solutions of various nature and scale.


Interface Design

Having the best team of interface designers has always been our strongpoint. This is why we create interface designs to order instead of creating apps using client designs.


App Audit and consulting

An audit allows us to identify and analyze weaknesses and get a set of measures that can be taken to correct. It includes the following types of checks: Feature, Usability, Capability, Quality, Security.



tinker[tech] is not a world leader in air travel or instant payments, it does not give 700% micro-loans, it does not pump oil and does not trade on the stock exchange, but it will shut up many in the development of AWESOME digital products.

We have a lot of work and we need the best people